DM to book a manicure in the CBD today or tomorrow @human_salon 🤠 with @j.hannah @paintnaillacquer polishes $35 plus additional gems available 💎💎

I'm excited to announce that Nail Saloon has found a physical space, ongoing nail appointments will be held at HUMAN SALON every Thursday and Friday. The salon is located in The Curtin House building on level 3, with neighbours Dot Comme, PAM store, and Metropolis.
This service will offer simple yet fancy nails in a relaxed and pleasant environment. Following a simple manicure and hand hydration, a curated selection of J.Hannah and Paint Nail Lacquer will be on offer. These polishes have been selected due to their chic and inspired palettes as well as their non-toxic and cruelty-free virtues. 

Additional adornments like Australian opals and custom made silver-set stones by Bella Clark Jewellery will be available as part of your nail look. Nail Saloon hopes that more people can see the value in the ritual of nail painting as well as the lasting effect it has on the self. 

Human Salon is a Sustainable Salon where 95% of their waste is recycled.


Nail Saloon is a door-to-door nail project created in 2018 by Kirra Scotland. A roving experience which duels in creative concepts, new beauty ideas and quality nail painting. From the ranch to the ateliers, from tips to toes.

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